Apply for Telangana State Industry Awards 2022

Apply for Telangana State Industry Awards 2022

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Malavika Jaggi

Malavika Jaggi

117 week ago — 4 min read

Telangana State Government is looking for exemplary businesses in the State. 

Introduced in 2017, the esteemed ‘Industry Awards’ is a statewide competition that recognises and rewards exceptional achievements made by Telangana based businesses, covering both large and small organisations. 


For the 5th time in a row, the award application is hosted by ‘Telangana State-GlobalLinker’, a networking platform with over 4,00,000+ SMEs across the world.


So whether you are a startup, micro, small, medium or large business, this is your chance to apply for the Telangana State Industry Awards 2022.


What are the award categories?

There are 7 awards categories. Your business can apply for any one or multiple categories, whichever describes your successes best.

  • Best Export Performance - For impressive export practices on revenues and profits

  • Best Innovation Award - Rewarding out of the box thinking and creativity.

  • Best Sustainability Practices - Rewarding best practices to protect the community's economic, social and environmental wellbeing.

  • Best Start-up – Based on highlights of all the milestones achieved since the inception of start-up.

  • Best IT companyRewarding innovation in the tech space which makes doing business easier.

  • Best CSR Performance – Based on yearly CSR budget and impact of CSR activities.

  • IPR Awards - Recognising the best in Intellectual Property Rights & a chance to earn the distinction of being an IP champion.

Why should you apply?

The Industry Awards are a glorious opportunity for your business to receive the recognition and exposure it deserves! Winning the Industry Awards would mean you would receive state-wide publicity, establish your credibility and take your business to the next level. 


Who are the judges?

The elite panel of judges include:

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan - IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Telangana

Mr. Krishna Bhaskar - Director of Industries, Government of Telangana

Mr. E V Narasimha Reddy - VC & MD, TSIIC

Mr. Yerram Raju - Former Advisor & Director, Telangana Industrial Health Clinic

Mr. Ajit Rangnekar - Director General, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad Partner

Ms Vatsala Mishra - OSD Industries and Commerce Dept., Government of Telangana

Mr Sameer Vakil - Co-founder & CEO, GlobalLinker


What are the judges looking for?

Businesses of all sizes can apply for the Industries Awards in any of the above 6 categories. 

When applying for the award, based on the category, you should ask yourself –

  • What makes your business unique?

  • Has your business grown despite tough economic conditions?

  • Is your business involved in the community in a special way?

  • Has your business done something that has never been achieved before?

  • Does your business celebrate its employees in a different way?

Keep in mind, for the judges, both big or small the achievement matter! Make sure you explain the story behind your business and highlight the special qualities that make you stand out!

Last date to apply is 30 April 2022. Apply Now


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