Build your brand on these three pillars

Build your brand on these three pillars

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Prateek Srivastava

Prateek Srivastava

373 week ago — 4 min read

Is branding only about standing out? Or let me rephrase it: does the sole element of standing out pave the way of a successful brand, or is it something else?

Brands are not built on an individual’s name or limelight - they are built on an innate value. But in order to obtain that value, brands are built on a set of three core pillars - purity, authenticity and acceptance. These might sound like divergent concepts but they are actually well connected.



It is aptly quoted in the Bhagavad Gita, 'sauca' means purity both internal and external. In the Sandilya Upanisad 'saucam ca dvividham prohitam' refers to two types of purity. External purity is obtained by rubbing earth and water while internal purity is obtained by purification of the mind.


Though it is a holy scripture it very well nails down the essence of successful branding. The Gita might offer an oblique reference, but you can easily connect with routine examples such as brushing your teeth daily or taking a shower. These are habitual tasks which we carry out on a day-to-day basis so as to clean ourselves of the daily grime. However, inner cleansing needs to be carried out too. One has to be free from any dubiousness and be straightforward. Only when you are exempt from any hidden agenda can you actually deliver your best i.e. your value.



The idea of eliminating dubiousness gets stressed upon when one talks of authenticity. Now in general terminology it is defined as being true to oneself,  but in reality it is better described as looking beyond oneself. You need to be authentic to be able to convey your true value and to have a leadership presence.


This includes having a point of view i.e. willing to engage in exchanges which demonstrate your strength and flexibility. It involves positioning. That means getting support for your initiatives but being transparent at the same time and maintaining personal identity. You should not do what everyone is doing because if you mould yourself as per them then there shall not be any differentiating factor. Consequently, building a distinction will pave the path to strategic brand development, giving your customers a vivid experience each time they skim through your brand touch-points.



Last but not least is acceptance. We are all humans and we make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. And if you would like to believe that you are perfect, then you are a nobody! This is no vague logic that I am trying to run through you. It is the fact of the matter. If you are incapable of accepting your drawbacks then how can you expect others to trust you and stand by you?


For instance, if you are an entrepreneur who cannot communicate the value of his/her company or of himself through his/her employees then you cannot be justified in wanting customer approval. Similarly, if you do not welcome changes in yourself due to a superiority issue then you cannot be considered genuine in your approach. Acceptance is the key to prosperity.


In conclusion your brand pillars are the foundation of you and define your run in the brand world. Additionally, they help in modelling a clear branding execution strategy which results in effective brand messaging. These pillars define your brand personality - they determine how you and your brand will behave.

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