Dhinesh Kumar, CEO, Point To Business Services

Dhinesh Kumar, CEO, Point To Business Services

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Supriya Mathur

Supriya Mathur

6 Aug 2019, 13:30 — 4 min read

Enterprise: Point To Business Services
CEO: Dhinesh Kumar
Industry: Marketing, Advertising, PR
Year it was founded: 2017
Based out of: Bengaluru, Karnataka


Point To Business Service helps businesses with their direct marketing campaigns. They also specialise in database management and digital marketing. Dhinesh Kumar as the CEO of the firm bring his rich industry experience to steer the firm towards rapid growth.

GlobalLinker (GL), spoke to Dhinesh about his role and vision for the business.

GL: Dhinesh tell us what excites you about leading Point To Business Services?
Point To Business Services is a technology, marketing and sales solutions focused organisation. As the CEO of the firm, I am responsible for leading the strategy and execution of the company. In the course of my career, I have spent several years in various entrepreneurial and executive positions, building many innovative businesses.

I have hands-on experience in leading business strategy, database and sales management, marketing and business development and I am happy to bring this experience to Point To Business Services. We are a complete B2B solution provider.


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GL: You are an expert in marketing and brand building. Tell us, what has been the most effective way of raising awareness about your business?

Dhinesh: There are three simple steps we follow to create awareness about our business - lead generation, social media and digital marketing.


GL: As a startup, what are challenges for your business to grow bigger, better and faster from here?

Dhinesh: There are a few vendors in the market are providing database for less price with poor accuracy. We overcome this issue by giving the reference of our satisfied clients which helps us establish our credibility and grow bigger, better and faster!


GL: You are a Linker. Which offerings of GlobalLinker have helped you?

GlobalLinker helped me to connect with other community groups in order to understand the current scenario of various SMEs hurdles and how to overcome it. It’s helped me learn more about other company offerings and their needs. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise on the platform via articles and discussions as well as gain valuable insights from my peers.

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GL: What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur setting up their first business?

Don’t rely on other people like partners or colleagues. Have your own creative ideas and expertise which will help you grow and scale.

GL: What is the next big thing on your business agenda?

Dhinesh: To constantly innovate, evaluate ourselves and benchmark against the best in the industry. To put in the best and imaginative efforts to leapfrog the competition.

GL: We would love to know the person behind the entrepreneur.

  • Every day you wake up at – 6AM
  • The first thing you do when you wake up – Pray that today should be a great day for everyone.
  • Three things you do to unwind/ relax - Music, reading and sleeping.
  • When you face a big challenge - I smile and think about the possible and smart ways to solve it.
  • The best piece of advice you’ve ever been given - Be kind to everyone.
  • The one book everyone should read – I believe life is the greatest book, so live it with honesty and integrity.

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