It’s time to rediscover self and work towards the best version of you

It’s time to rediscover self and work towards the best version of you


Rajneesh Singh

Rajneesh Singh

186 week ago — 5 min read

In life there are circumstances that become a defining moment. It could be graduating from college, landing the first job, getting married, having a child, losing a parent, moving up the corporate ladder, traveling abroad, etc. All of them widen our perspective and a new way of looking at things emerges. What you do with this change is in your hands.

To give up is one option. Not many are able to bring about a paradigm shift in their way of approaching life or for that matter any vocation. You may have followed a certain career so far and now suddenly see a dead end. Do you get stonewalled or you find a way out around or over the wall.

This is an opportunity to take a hard look at yourself and be very honest about "who am I". Know your gifts and strengths. Showcase them to the world.


Many of us might end up losing our jobs. If that's the writing on the wall for you, what steps are you taking to explore other options? Are you taking time to reskill yourself? Are you connecting with people of diverse interests?

This is an opportunity to take a hard look at yourself and be very honest about "who am I". This is a time to list down the following and work on it.

Set your goals

Foremost figure out your financial situation. Are you carrying huge debts especially EMIs? Are your savings almost nil? Do you foresee a discontinuation of your monthly income? These are things that require an in-depth analysis. Add to that your professional goals. Where are you in your career trajectory? Where do you see yourself when good times return? And then check out your personal goals, especially related to family. Is your spouse working? Or can he or she take up a job if need be? What's the status of your children's education? All of that requires a lot of homework for which time has to be carved out.

Assess yourself

There are many easy ways to do this. One could either use online assessment tool or use an online behavioural instrument. Most of them come at a price but it's worth doing it since it throws hard data about your personality and your behaviour patterns which are important ingredients for self-evaluation.

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Seek feedback

This could turn out to be a fun exercise to do. Create your own feedback form on Google Docs or SurveyMonkey and share with your near and dear ones. They could be your family members, friends or work colleagues. The data here could be an eye opener since they all think good of you and wish to help.

Develop action plan 

Based on the above three steps, draw out a roadmap with specific action points and fix timelines to them. Be realistic about your abilities and expectations so that drawbacks are minimized.

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As you go about executing the plan, conduct a comprehensive research on the internet to figure out online classes that could come handy. Read relevant books online since they're easily accessible. A great trend picking up are the webinars. Find out the interesting ones and login to learn. LinkedIn can be used to connect with the subject matter experts.

Measuring progress

As things progress, you need to keep reviewing the action points on an ongoing basis. And keep correcting wherever need be. Celebrate the small milestones that you hit along the way. It is important to congratulate yourself on the achievements. Share them within your circle of family and friends. Their encouragement is a huge morale booster.

This is the time to rediscover self and work towards the best version of you.

Know your gifts and strengths. Showcase them to the world.

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