Tips to keep your laptop healthy and safe

Tips to keep your laptop healthy and safe

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Yogesh Shah

Yogesh Shah

9 Feb 2018, 09:25 — 4 min read

A Personal Computer (PC) is an integral part of our daily lives when it comes to work. It is quite possible that family photos, work files and records and other such important items are saved on your PC. Recognising the importance of the PC and devoting time to its upkeep and maintenance is key to ensuring a stress-free experience in your daily life.


Update your PC basic software

We often see popups in our PC for updates like ‘Update is ready to install’ but we dismiss them absent-mindedly, without even realising that it could be important for our PC. Always keep Windows and other software programmes updated on your laptop or desktop. Many updates come with better security and bug fixes which help your system work more efficiently. Keep a check on updates and install them as soon as they arrive. You can also enable automatic download and installation of Windows Updates on your computer.


Uninstall unwanted programmes

If you have been using the same PC for a long time, there will be many programmes and documents on it which you don’t even remember exist. Take out some time to uninstall or remove such files or documents from your computer. It will improve the processing time of your PC.


Always install legal anti-virus software & keep it updated

Installing an anti-virus will help you keep your data and passwords safe. Run an anti-virus check on your computer from time to time to protect it from spam, viruses and spyware hackers etc. You can also enable an automatic antivirus scan if you don’t find manual scanning feasible. Make sure you keep the antivirus updated since it is just like any other software programme. Anti-virus updates also come with improvements over the previous versions.


Always look for ‘total security’ software rather than only antivirus programme.


Regularly take backup of your data

Always keep a backup of your data so that you do not lose it if your system crashes or fails. You can keep backup of your files, programmes and documents in an external hard drive. There are also many online cloud storage services available where you can easily keep a backup of your data over internet without getting yourself entangled in USB cables.


Invest effort in the maintenance of your PC by keeping all software updated, your files uncluttered and by taking a backup of all essential information. An antivirus will also ensure that your PC is protected. 


As a small business owner, your PC is an essential device to save data, create presentations, communicate with your clients and manage your business operations. Invest in the safety and health of your laptop to ensure that your business productivity is unhindered, and data is secure.


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Tips to keep your laptop healthy and safe