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His Passion has been over the years to help inject techno-legal innovation and compliance strategy into Mylex Infotech Pvt Ltd.
With the expertise in the compliance and legal ecosystem in India, he teams up with innovative, efficient, and resilient processes, delivering high value services and making every small and big efforts to make compliances easy to be met.

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Our company Mylex InfoTech private limited is specialized in various fields ranging from IT to legal services. The main motive behind a incorporation of a company is to provide unhindered support and solutions in the initials phase of business to the Entrepreneurs/Startups and Business owners which includes company registration, branding ,web development, licensing ,digital marketing and various certification from various bodies.
Our’s is a team wherein experts from various fields like Company secretaries, IT professional, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, lawyers and such like work together under one roof to help Entrepreneurs take their first step to success in business making a reckonable spot in the competitive market.

Mylex Infotech Pvt Ltd came into existence in the vast sea of business on 9 March, 2017 with a capital investment of Rs 10Lakhs and from there on, there has been no stopping or looking back by our company . It is registered under companies act 2013 and successfully received a startup Recogination under startup India initiative on 6 November , 2017 by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.
Not the success doesn’t stop here after receiving the Recogination under DIPP presently the company is functioning through a government allotted space to our company at Software Technology Park of India Mohali.

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