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Ramakrishnan Venkateswaran

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Business Services & Consultancy


Business Services & Consultancy / / Financial Management & Control

Business, Strategy and Management Consulting focused on Financial Management, Internal Controls and Risk Management services. Key services include Fund raising, Transaction advisory and Capital Structuring apart from assisting in Valuation understanding and benchmarking. Early Stage and SMEs can consider us as an extended Management Bandwidth for all their strategic decisions, Growth planning and sustainability.

Consulting Company with focus on Financial Management and outsourced CFO Services focused on Start-ups and SMEs with turnover upto INR 25 Cr. The Company has been founded by former BFSI professional with experience of 34 years in Accounting & Auditing, Banking, NBFC Lending, Risk Management and Fund raising both Equity and Debt. Can effectively provide Valuation insights and help in M&A activities for large SME too.

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