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Hyderabad, India

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Luxury Organic Wellness Product Company

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Ancient Living is an organic wellness product company founded in 2010. With the philosophy to create positive socio-economic impact for farmers and artisans. Our Vision is to enrich consumer lives with premium organic wellness products that are safe, eco-friendly, with a superior level of value and quality based on Ayurveda principles. Ancient living also brings rich Indian ethnic products and games to the consumers.

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Our Vision is to enrich consumer lives with premium Organic wellness products that are safe, eco friendly with a superior level of value & quality, based on Ayurveda principles.
At Ancient Living, we have imbibed the soul and essence of Ayurveda, Science of Life! FARMING WAS THE WAY OF LIFE; LEARNINGS WERE NOT FROM BOOKS, BUT IN THE FIELDS WITH HERBS AND PLANTS IN THE WOODS. Unlocking Wisdom of our heritage. This rich legacy has been passed down to us by our ancestors to maintain good health and holistic wellness. Keeping true to those roots, we try to augment that connection of ancient history, nature and people with our modern technology and lifestyle.At Ancient living we use fresh, pure, exquisite and naturally grown plants to derive ingredients, untouched by chemicals. Our signature processes smoothly blends these ingredients, retaining its natural value to produce high quality premium skin care, hair care and wellness products.

Mar 2019

31 - 50 employees



  • Head-office/Primary office

    Building no:1,Plot no:66a,phase-IV, IDA Jeedimetla, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad
    Hyderabad - 500055

    GST Number: 36AASCA0424F1ZV

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