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Our product the Sharadha Flora is designed by the best perfumer. It is the best you can get of the blend of fragrances of all the spices used in India. Only the purest of the ingredients which pass through our quality test are used for making the agarbathi. All the ingredients used for making this incense stick are sourced from the best forests in the world. The ingredients thus picked from the forests are quality tested and only the best of them make it to the finished product. 

The incense is skilfully designed to suit every place. It spreads quite quickly and stays for a very long time. It burns for quite a good time and maintains its incense for a day when lighted for twice a day. The incense not only makes you cool but also kills the mosquitoes, as it is a mosquito repellent by nature. This property of the incense comes from its purest and best quality ingredients. The only thing that makes this incense different from the others in the market is the quality that it gives out, surpasses all the other incenses present in the market. This is a must-try for all and, once you start using it, you won't let go of it.




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