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To keep the body in a good health is a duty


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HEALTHIFY H2O LLP has made their first foray into the mineral water segment this year with a mission.

Contribute to people’s wellness and make an imprint on the environment.

Consumers are not only concerned with what they consume but also the impact of packaging material to the environment. The urge to choose the safest product by health and environment-conscious consumer for their daily needs helped us with our vision.

Evolve Wellness, Resolve Environmental Adversities

Mineral Water has emerged as a replacement to tap water generating the need of getting an environment-friendly packaging with more health benefits.

Every drop of water produced is a commitment of quality as the same undergoes a multi‐step filtration process. We then bottle it in an environment friendly 20 Ltr Jar made of Copper & Stainless Steel.

Since the process of filtration generates approximately 65-70% water waste, hence we have set up water harvesting.

Mar 2020

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₹25 lac


  • Registered Address

    RGC082, DLF Regal Gardens, Sector-90
    Gurugram - 122505
  • Others

    Khasra No.49, Kila No.5, Village Sahjawas, Post Rithoj, Sohna
    Gurugram - 122102
  • Amit Anand 

    12 May 2021, 6 min read

    A guide on when and how much water we should drink

    Health & Lifestyle

    A guide on when and how much water we should drink

    Everything you wanted to know about consuming water for optimal health benefits.

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