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SolveCubeHR - intelligent one stop e-market platform to acquire, provide, pay & monitor online. Available are senior HR management freelance services, HR products like ready to use policies with their framework & associated templates; tools to assess & plan for setting up, stepping up or transforming HR; ComplyPluse a quick tool to assess the level of compliance risk in your company. Contact us for Senior Freelance management experts in Finance, Banking, Technology, Risk & Operations.

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Our products:
1. SolveCubeHR: An intelligent technology based HR marketplace platform where buyers post their needs and sellers their product/service. On the platform you can- Generate matched sellers based on needs; Connect, contract and bill online; Seek Pay-by-the-Hour expert advice; Buy ready to use HR policies and templates; Assess need before buying
2. P3 - A 15 minute simple online HR diagnostic tool for start up and growth stage enterprises. Assess the maturity of HR practices to help decision making on HR investments that are important to support business growth.
3. ICE Cube- Online tool for in-depth analysis of the capability, effectiveness and maturity of an enterprise's HCM practice, process, policies and systems to understand how it helps or hinders the company's growth; Makes recommendations on what needs to be done to support business growth.
4. HRonTap- Manages and builds your HR function for you piece by piece.

11 - 30 employees

Service Provider

Professional Services

  • Head-office/Primary office

    #19-08 Prudential Towers, 30 Cecil Street
    Singapore - 49712
  • Branch/Regional office

    Indra Flats 52 Narasimhar Street,, Aminjikarai,
    Chennai - 600029
  • Deepa Chandrasekhar 

    1 Oct 2020, 4 min read

    From 20% to 35%: Why this is important for HR professionals

    Employment & HR

    From 20% to 35%: Why this is important for HR professionals

    Understand why the statistic 20% to 35% is so crucial for HR experts.

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