J K Fenner (India) Limited

Hyderabad, India

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Power Transmission Products


Automotive &Industrial Belts , Oil Seals and Tyre Couplings. Belts : Automotive Belts and Oilseals form an important part in almost all vehicle segments. Belts are used in a variety of applications for driving radiator fans, water pumps, alternators air conditioning compressor etc. Oil seals are used as a sealing medium for oil/fluids in various automotive applications such as engine, transmission, wheel, front forks, power steering etc. Engine Mountings, CJ Rubbers and Suspension Bushes

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J.K.Group is existing since 130 years and J.K.Fenner, Patancheru Unit is existing since 1978. . Manufactures Industrial and Automotive V-Belts, Oil seals, Engineering Products, and a whole host of new products providing total Mechanical Power Transmission and Sealing Solutions.
Undisputed market leader in Power Transmission Products for over 50 years
Exports to over 50 countries and are progressing towards a stronger global presence.
It has been the driving force for Industry, Agriculture and Automobiles for over five decades. With five manufacturing facilities in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It has a modern plant that manufactures JK Pioneer Oil seals in Hyderabad. Also owns two textile yarn-spinning units.Under the brand name JK Pioneer, has launched industrial products like chains, low and high pressure hoses, bearings, oil seals and Paddy De-husking Rubber Rolls, besides Anti-vibration dampers for automotive applications.
“Innovation is our passion".

Dec 1978

501 - 1000 employees

Greater than ₹50 crore


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Plot No 4 & 22, IDA Phase IV, Patancheru, Sangareddy District
    Hyderabad - 502319

    GST Number: 36AAACJ7230N1ZD

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Plot No 4 &22, IDA Phase IV, patancheru, Sangareddy Dist
    Hyderabad - 502319
  • Head-office/Primary office

    Plot No 4 &22, IDA Phase IV, patancheru, Sangareddy Dist
    Hyderabad - 502319

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