Spero Mobility & Energy Solutions P Ltd.

Verified as Spero Mobility and Energy Solutions Private Limited.

Coimbatore, India

Automotive > Design & Development

Electric Mobility


We design and manufacture electric vehicles and manage the energy with lithium based storage. We specialise in pedelecs (electrically assisted pedal bicycles) and currently offered mileage variants from 25 - 180kms on a single charge. We continue to strive to design and manufacture EVs and community charging stations which would draw energy from renewable sources.

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Project Spero was incubated and boot strapped by Milltex Engineers P Ltd. as part of the efforts to diversify and built on our core competency. This is the first step towards our mission towards making the world a safe and happy place it was. We are certain that climate change impact cannot be reversed or abruptly stopped but can be slowed and we are proud to be a part of it.

We have launched our first range of pedelecs (commonly called as ebikes) and continue to develop various model to make our product portfolio complete for every Indian before catering to the needs of the rest of the World. We align ourselves to the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 currently being piloted by the Union Government under Shri Narendra Modi and add value to the targets with not just pedelecs but also with renewable energy based community charging stations and standardisations in EV platforms.

Oct 2017

1 - 10 employees

₹25 lac - ₹1 crore


  • Head-office/Primary office


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