Spinoff Technopark Pvt. Ltd.

Verified as Spinoff Technopark Pvt. Ltd.

Mohali, India

Lifestyle, Leisure & Home Decor > Lifestyle Products & Decor

Manufacturer of LED Lights & CCTV Cameras for Home, Office, Industry, Government etc.


We are Manufacturers of LED Lights and CCTV cameras. We are Based In Punjab and can cater to any Type of Requirement, Whether it is for Home, Office, Domestic, Commercial and Even Government Requirements. Visit us at www.imperial-led.com (LED Group) www.hawkseyetechnologies.com (CCTV Group)

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Spinoff Technopark Pvt. Ltd.
Mohali, Mohali
Lifestyle, Leisure & Home Decor ,Lifestyle Products & Decor

Jun 2008

11 - 30 employees

₹1 crore - ₹5 crore

Service Provider


  • Head-office/Primary office


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