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  • Innovative Chit Fund Market Place

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What is StackSave –

Stacksave publishes the chit schemes from chit companies. We enable you to select, compare and join chit funds easily. We work with Chit companies and suggest the best chit scheme based on your needs.

How StackSave  works -

–StackSave handles all the paperwork once you enroll in a chit scheme through our application.We work and evaluate your needs, Through us, you can join Chit Fund and fulfill your Loan needs, Chits Funds are interest Free loans and we have a separate sections called "Business Chit Funds" where we process Chit only for SMEs/MSMEs just for Capital/Loan purposes

The idea of Business Chit Funds is that we suggest and process the best Chit Fund based on your needs and once a intital first months installement is paid, then we will work with Chit Fund so that you can participate in Auction and get the lupsum amount.Here we analyze your situation and propose the best scheme

Why StackSave

We on-board only registered Chit fund companies and ensures your money is safe. We enlist all the chit schemes, help you understand how chit fund works and suggest the best Business Chit Funds

We work with best companies in market like Kapil, Shriram, Shriram Raghavendra, Akshara, Narvee Chits


Jan 2020

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