Suveechi Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Verified as Suveechi Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Belagur, India

Computer Peripherals & IT > Other

GPS, RFID & Bio-metric Tracking Technologies


Experts in Tracking Technology

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Formed by a group of enthusiastic technology experts, SuVeechi is self-mandated to deliver cutting-edge tracking solutions to ease complex issues in the areas of identification, discovery, administration and security of logistics management in any industry. SuVeechi is investing in extensive R&D lab to research into areas concerning GPS, GSM/GPRS, RFID and Bio-Metric technologies which are the to-go technologies to achieve business excellence for the customers and to deliver them with faster ROIs and reduced TCOs.

Jan 2011

1 - 10 employees

₹1 crore - ₹5 crore

Service Provider


  • Head-office/Primary office

    #190, Service Road, WOC Raod, 2nd Stage,, Mahalakshmipuram
    Belagur - 560086
  • Shashank M G 

    3 Jun 2017, 5 min read

    The future of cattle feeding: Hydroponic fodder


    The future of cattle feeding: Hydroponic fodder

    Shashank MG, CEO of Suveechi Technologies, shares how the innovative new technique of producing fodder hydroponically is making waves in the agricultural sector.

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