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Amritsar, India

Food & Beverage > Fresh, Packaged and Processed Food

Organic Naturals & Pure non toxic food


The Earth Store is a platform for naturally produced merchandise that conforms to the litmus test of being kind to nature & humanity. This is an initiative by Dilbir Foundation to provide a platform for natural farmers & for environmentally friendly products with a view to ensure good family health for citizens, under the hastagged #NoMorePoisonInMyFood program. The range on offer is extensive including honey, pulses, spices, jaggery,oils, millets, flours, soaps, fresh vegetables & fruit et al

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Organic Naturals -Wholewheat, multigrain, millet, jaggery, handmade soaps,

Oct 2016



  • Head-office/Primary office

    TheEarthStore, Sco 32. District Shopping Centre, B-block,, Ranjit Avenue
    Amritsar - 143001
  • Head-office/Primary office

    45. Friends Colony East
    New Delhi - 110065
  • Branch/Regional office

    The Earth Store, College Gate, Mall Road, Rakh Bagh
    Ludhiana - 141001

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