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Amy J. Radin

Advisor at Pragmatic Innovation Partners LLC

Short Hills, United States

Pathfinder, Catalyst, Change Maker

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digital strategy, marketing, customer experience, growth

Business Requirements

Daily Innovator LLC led by Founder and Principal Amy Radin works with executives who are business builders to drive growth. Amy connects insight and implementation with a pragmatic approach that gets companies from wanting innovation to achieving real transformation. She leverages her perspective as a c-suite operator, and her expertise in consumer financial services, payments, fin-tech, insur-tech and mar-tech to assist startups to Fortune 500 companies with digital and marketing strategy, brand positioning, and business development. Her five-step implementation model addresses the structural, cultural, environmental, capabilities and skills requirements to move teams forward and do new things in the new ways now required to achieve results.

Incorporation Type

Sole Proprietorship

Year of Establishment

May 2017

Nature of Business

Professional Services

No. of Employees

1 - 10 People

Annual Turnover $250,000 - $1 MM

Industry Digital & Technology > Digital Solutions, Marketing & Services

Location(s) Short Hills (United States) |

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Amy J. Radin

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