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Mumbai, India

Coil*Tech Coil Cleansing Spray: The most unique benefit of the Spray is that it obviates the need for a “Brought Down Service’ that happens to be a norm in Airconditioning Service in India currently This revolutionary “No Rinse” product is formulated specifically for Indoor Air cleaning and the disinfecting of the evaporator coil of your Airconditioner, and the effects of which lasts upto three months after application (*Contingent on climatic conditions and usage)
Each Spray of 15 ml of the Coil*Tech Coil Cleansing Spray (500 ml bottle):on the evaporator coil works out to Rs 85 per three months! Kills harmful airborne bacteria, viruses, mold spores and allergens; Prevents further Bacteria accumulation and Eliminates bad odours from the room produced by mildew and other pathogens that reside there, thus, reducing the stress on your Airconditioner by allowing enhanced Air flow, thereby reducing Power Consumption, leading to improved system performance and product longevity.

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    Rushilla, 17 Carmichael Road, Mumbai, India, 400026




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  • Aircon Cleaners

    1,799.00 - 2,499.00 / Unit

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