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Nilesh Ramesh Ganjwala

CEO And Founder

Innergize Solutions Private Limited

Verified as: Innergize Solutions Private Limited

Mumbai, India

Innergize Solutions Private Limited is a strategy and management consultancy firm that provides a broad spectrum of services including execution support across to diverse clientele that ranges from private Indian corporations, multinationals, mid-sized and emerging businesses to financial institutions.
Our approach is to deliver and sustain tangible competitive advantages for our clients through value-added consulting backed up with tangible support. Our advisory services adapt to the climate of the client's industry to provide significant and measurable improvements in the output, efficiency and performance.
The pillars of our service philosophy are substantial industry experience, knowledge of leading practices and a firm grip on business and governance processes. We have the ability to mobilize the right people, skill sets and expertise across functional areas to deliver results for our clients.

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    Mumbai, India




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